Bakmi mewah, The innovative creations and mind blowing products!

When we talk about quick serve noodle, the first thing that pops into our minds would be the new rising star from PT. Mayora Indah, tbk ; Bakmi Mewah Rasa. It is no longer secret that bakmi mewah not like the usual instant noodle, its more like 'bakmie yamien' (dry noodle) because there is real chicken meat and mushroom in its packaging. And we couldn’t be more happier to find out that they use less preservatives and MSG!!!

The condiments
There’s no way we could say no to this noodle. First, i love the packaging - just like the name mewah, the black box strongly reflects the luxurious of bakmi mewah. Second, everything wrapped in minimalist - simple and straightforwards. Third, it was as easy and as quick to cook as instant noodle - i only took around 5 minutes to cook my 'homemade chicken mushroom noodle'. Forth, it contains less preservatives and MSG!

Here i show you step by step how to cook bakmie mewah, even a 7 years old kid can cook it!
1. Put the dried noodle and green onion into the hot boiling water
2. Check the textured of the noodle, i like mine to be hard but chewy (half cooked) 
3. Add the oil and soy sauce
4. Add the chili sauce, because i love my noodle to be more spicy, i add a bunch of real chili in the end hehe..
5. Stir it well
6. Put the real chicken meat and mushroom at the top, add some garnish (veggies) to make it complete.
Taraaaa.. i present you my 'homemade chicken mushroom noodle', if i dont tell mr.bfoodie that it was bakmie mewah (a.k.a quick serve noodle) he will believe that i made it myself LOL!! The noodle itself has a nice and subtle aroma of mushroom, it was very delicious, bouncy, savoury and juicy. The addition of chopped chicken meat was simply genius!

my super tasty and 'mewah' noodle!!
We happen to attend their grand launching at Cihampelas Walk last week. The launching ceremony was affirmed by Mrs Vice Governor of West java through the symbolic contributition provision at PKK (Pembinaan Kesejahteraan Keluarga). What a great moves! Bravo mayora! 

This photo was taken by Airlangga Leonard
Overall, with years of experience, mayora group success to have new innovative creations, and mind blowing product such as BAKMI MEWAH!! Now you can enjoy delicious and affordable (it cost only 7K) chicken mushroom noodle anywhere, anytime without having to fear of MSG. Four Thumbs Up!


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